Hot & Spicy  
Consuming raw or under cooked meat, fish, shellfish or may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
Price May Change without Notice

Bistro Apps

From Kitchen

Chicken Wings
Salt & pepper or buffalo
Green Bean Fries $6.00
Spring Rolls $4.00
Edamame $4.00
Pork Gyoza $5.00
Crab Rangoon $4.00
Chicken Egg Roll $4.00
Shrimp Shumai $5.00

From Sushi Bar

Seaweed Salad $4.00
Kani Salad $5.00
Spicy Tuna Tar Tar $9.00
Spicy Salmon Tar Tar $9.00
Yellowtail Jalapeno $9.00
Salmon Skin Salad $5.00